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Monsoon Salon Viman Nagar, Pune is a well-known and respected salon specializing in hair styling, nail coloring and more. We are proud to say that every member of our team at Monsoon Salon Pune has a deep passion for hair styling – Everything we do is committed towards providing our customers with the best service and experience possible. Our goal is to make your overall look great by maintaining its healthy condition and perfecting your style. We offer the latest services like hair cutting to nail extensions while using the best natural products available. The Monsoon Salon Pune,  one of the best Salon in Viman Nagar, Pune Surrounded by all the amenities, has made it simple to book appointments for both men and women across Pune. Monsoon Salon is the first and the best beauty parlor in Pune with the most beautiful people, who are ready to offer you a new look of your life. In fact, we believe that looking beautiful should be natural and should always come from within itself. So, Whether you want to go with a traditional styling, or a more adventurous look, there’s something for you in this highly recommended salon.

Best Hair Salon in Viman Nagar, Pune - Hair Salon and Spa Services

At a time when hair salons are becoming more and more popular, we have got the Best Hair Salon in Viman Nagar, Pune. The reason behind this is the fact that our salon offers a complete hair service. We believe that if you want to look good, you should have an amazing haircut and color done. Our stylists are trained well to provide you with an excellent result every time you visit us. We also provide a wide range of services for men’s hair, including beard trimming, hair styling and more.

Hair Straightening Treatment

Stop worrying about frizzy hair, split ends and damaged ends. With our professional hair straightening services, you can get rid of your unwanted hair problems. Achieve a smooth and straight appearance that will make you look great. We offer a wide range of treatments at the Best Hair Salon in Pune which are designed to give you the best results possible. Our team of experts will work on your hair using advanced technology to deliver results that will last for years.

Hair Spa Treatment 

Monsoon Salon is a salon that offers hair spa treatment to their clients. The hair spa treatment is an experience that makes you feel good about yourself and your appearance. The hair spa treatment will make your hair look fuller, longer, and more beautiful. It is also a great way to get rid of split ends, dryness and frizziness in your hair. The best thing about the Monsoon Salon hair spa treatment is that it can be done on any day of the week or even during the weekend. This means that you do not have to miss out on any work or meetings because of the time it takes for you to get ready for the appointment. You can also schedule an appointment at night so that you do not have to inconvenience anyone else by asking them to wait until morning for their appointment as well.

Premium Nail Services in Viman Nagar - Nail Paint and Extension

Monsoon Salon is a salon in Pune that offers a wide range of beauty services to their customers. They have an amazing team of professionals who are dedicated to providing professional and high quality services. The best thing about the salon is that they have a team of skilled professionals who are well versed with the latest trends in the beauty industry. You can always count on them for excellent quality services. Monsoon Salon provides a wide range of nail services including manicures and pedicures. The salon is located in the very known location of Pune, i.e. Viman Nagar which makes it an ideal destination for both professional and personal clients. To cater to the needs of its customers, the salon has a team of highly qualified professionals who provide a wide array of nail services at affordable prices.

Nail Extensions

Nail extensions are a great way to add length, thickness and fullness to your nails. They can be used on their own or in conjunction with nail polish. Nail extensions are usually made from acrylic or gel, but there are also organic versions available. Our experienced nail technicians are trained to expertly perform all types, including nail wraps, acrylics and gel nails. We also specialize in natural nails, which are stronger and healthier than acrylics. Natural nails can be applied with no filing or cutting, making them an ideal alternative for people who are allergic to chemicals or have sensitive skin. In addition to our extensive list of services, we also have a wide selection of products available at Monsoon Salon that can help you achieve the look you want while keeping your hands looking beautiful!

Nail Art

Monsoon Salon is a nail art Salon in Viman Nagar, Pune. It provides professional and creative nail designs to its clients. The salon has a wide range of options for its clients to choose from. Monsoon Salon offers a wide range of services like manicures, pedicures, waxing and much more at affordable prices. There are different types of nail art designs available in the market today. You can choose from various themes such as animal prints, flowers, geometric shapes and even cartoon characters if you want to make your nails more interesting than before. The salon has been in operation since 2012 and it has gained immense popularity among the people of all ages. The salon is known for its quality services and friendly atmosphere.

Eyelash Extension and Premium Makeup Services

Eyelash Extension

If your eyelashes are thin, sparse and brittle, lash extensions can help. Lash extensions are strands of synthetic fiber that are implanted onto the base of your natural lashes to add volume and length. They last up to six weeks, but you may need to add more extensions if they fall out. We use the most advanced bonding technology ever seen in the beauty industry. Our trained professionals will take care of everything needed for you to feel comfortable while your lashes are being applied.

HD Engagement Makeup

Our HD engagement makeup is available in different shades to suit your skin tone and eye color. It makes you look more gorgeous than you ever looked in life! You can choose from various shades, such as natural shades, glamourous pink shades or red tones. We use only natural products which will last longer on your skin without making it dry or irritated. The result is amazing! 

MakeUp Services

We are the best beauty parlor in Pune. We provide all kinds of beauty services to our clients like waxing, engagement makeups, eyelash extensions and so on. Our team of experts is well trained to offer the best services to our clients. We have a wide range of products and techniques to suit your skin type. Our staff use the best quality products and follow strict hygiene practices at all times. We do not compromise with the quality of our services and therefore we are able to maintain long term relationships with our clients.


Waxing is a beauty treatment that removes the hair from the skin. Waxing is used to remove hair from the eyebrows, mustache and other areas of the face. The most common method of waxing is hot wax, which is applied by hand or machine to remove hair from the body. Waxing can be painful but it’s not as bad as you might think. The pain level depends on how sensitive your skin is and how much hair you have to remove. But with the trained professionals at Monsoon Salon, you don’t have to worry at all.


Monsoon Salon is the premier hair and beauty salon, offering an extensive range of services to the people of Pune. From hair styling and coloring to skin treatments and spa packages, it’s all here under one roof. We offer everything you need for an outstanding look. From your sun-kissed skin to shiny hair and fabulous nails, you’ll look fabulous when we’re done with you!

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