Top Salon Franchise in India to Buy in 2022

Franchising your business is a great way to expand your reach, increase revenue and scale.You also get to share the ownership with others from within or even beyond your industry. With that said, finding the right franchise for you is not easy — it is usually a long-term affair. This can make searching for the right franchise frustrating and time consuming.

However, the beauty industry is one of the fastest growing business segments in India. It has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry with a wide array of opportunities for entrepreneurs. It is estimated that there are over 8 million salons in the country and they employ around 1.5 million people. The demand for hair care services also continues to rise at an unprecedented rate with more than 50% young millennials opting for professional hair styling as opposed to using unprocessed or home-made hair products.

For those who are planning to start their own salon business, the first thing they must take into consideration is the location of the salon. To rank well in the market, it is important to consider how many customers are around you and what type of people frequent your salon.

Here are some picks for five of the best franchised salons in India to buy in 2022…

1. Monsoon Salon - Best Salon Franchise in India

Best Salon Franchise in India

Monsoon Salon is the Best Salon franchise in India that offers Hair Care Services. It also offers a variety of beauty treatments such as facials, waxing and manicures. The franchise was founded by Mr. Shubhi Johari who is the founder and chairman at Monsoon Salon. Monsoon Salon has branches in 19+ Cities with Over 60+ Franchise which are open daily from 10am to 6pm on weekdays and 9am to 5pm on weekends. The franchise offers free consultations for potential clients before they decide to join the business model. The company has been providing quality services since 2012 and now has more than 25000
satisfied clients who make it one of the most popular salons in India.

Why Choose Monsoon Salon Franchise?

Are you seeking a working system that is not so old that it dismisses your innovative thoughts? Would you like to collaborate with a brand but dont want to sacrifice your uniqueness? If you got the answers for yourself, then as a future franchiser, MONSOON SALON is your ideal find.

1. Monsoon Salon provides total assistance to the franchisor, from selecting a location to managing day-to-day operations.

2. Monsoon Salon assists the franchiser in training his workers and stylist team to International Standards.

3. Monsoon Salon is a high-tech salon with reasonable costs in the luxury

4. The salon anticipates periodic skill up-gradation training, staff recruitment, and the development of new ways to provide customers with the best and standardized services.

As the industry is growing more, so are the organized and unorganized salon shares in the market. Well, to get on board the happy clients, this middle-class segment salon is one of the best choices. Thus, with a solid structural foundation that supports this development concept and all company objectives working in unison, MONSOON SALON’s sole motivation is to expand and grow, hence the idea of providing the best salon franchise in India.

2. BeU Salons

BeU Salon is a super salon chain in India. It has over 500+ salons across India and is the largest salon chain in the country. The company was founded in 2016 and has been growing
rapidly ever since. The company has a strong focus on customer service and offers a wide range of services including hair styling, manicure and pedicure, waxing, makeup application etc.
BeU Salon is one of the most popular salon franchises in India with over 10000+ customers serviced every year through its network of salons. The company has presence in 100+ cities across India and offers franchisees a wide range of buying options from single location franchisees to multi location franchisees with different
territories to choose from depending on your specific requirements or business requirements.

3. Looks Salon

Looks Salon is a new salon franchise which was launched in India in 1989. Moreover, it has been franchising in India since the year 2003. It is a beauty salon that offers services such as waxing and threading. The founders of Looks Unisex Salon have been working in the beauty industry for over 10 years now. They have come up with a concept that promises to offer customers a great experience and make them look their best. Looks Salon offers a variety of services such as hair coloring, extensions, manicures and pedicures among others. It also offers beauty treatments like facials and massages as well as mani-pedis for men and women.

4. Juice Salons

Juice Salon is a fashion salon that offers services like hair styling and styling. It also has a spa with various treatments like facials and massages. The franchise was launched in 2003 by which is a well-known brand in the beauty industry.
The franchise offers app-based services to its customers in the form of mobile apps and through the website. The company has a team of experts who help them provide the best services to their clients. There are over 20-50 franchise units across different cities in India. Franchise owners with a love for the beauty business and a desire to take the Juice Salon brand
to new heights are sought after.

5. Green Trends 

Green Trends is a well-known salon franchise in India. It is one of the fastest growing salons in India and has been on the top of the list of most popular franchises since its inception in 2010.
Green Trends is currently one of the most preferred salons by young professionals because of its unique concept, creative hair styles and trendy designs. The company has an amazing growth story and has been able to maintain its position as one of the best salon brands in India. It was founded by Mr .Poorna Chandra, a well-known entrepreneur, who did set up over 200 branches of the salon across different cities in India.